Album Unboxing: 'Chinese Girl Remeet'


It has been more than a week since the start of school, and I received a package late at night. I opened it temporarily and took some photos in my bedroom around ten o'clock. Please understand if they are a bit blurry, thank you.

Honestly, this is the first time I've bought a physical album, and I don't really understand it (I'm just a music listener, haha). So I'll just write some thoughts:

This series can be considered one of the songs that led me into the deep pit of VOCALOID. I bought it mostly out of nostalgia (and because I couldn't directly buy the digital version of the album((((((

Introduction, right?#

In 2016, there was the album Chinese Girl Project, and Remeet can be considered a remake after many years. In terms of tracks, Chinese Girl • End and several revised versions were added, while Baishi Creek, Haitang Xian, and other tracks were removed, as well as the rework of the voicebank, Luo Tianyi AI.

(Actually, personally, I prefer the old version, but the price is a bit beyond what I can accept(

I bought it on Taobao. The first batch of limited edition deluxe versions before the Chinese New Year included laser tickets, flow hemp, folding fans, hanging scrolls, and a series of other content. However, by the time I saw the news, the first batch had already been sold out, and the second and third batches after the New Year only had the basic version left (even the leftovers are gone (if you're curious, you can check the Taobao comments(


Very simple packaging(


Contents: album, digital version redemption code (already used), foam paper


Pull-out paper case

Back cover tracklist


Lyric book (left), black vinyl CD (right)


Full-color lyric book and song illustrations

And other things#

The most important thing for me is actually the redemption code for the digital version of the album⬇️
截屏 2024-03-04 23.30.30

Due to limited conditions at home, I don't know where the old computer with a CD drive went, but I can still use the old CD player I found, although the sound quality is not great. (Looking at it this way, it's just for collection purposes:D

There are also special bonuses, which can be downloaded from the page above
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The complete download of the light novel from that year (txt, pdf), as well as the original album cover art (png)

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Song information source: VocaDB
Digital album and bonus download: dizzylab
Cover source: Taobao product page (Web image archive)

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