About this site and me

Webmaster: @sino -「云华」CloudSino,
that's me, the one sitting across the screen as I write this;

As for this username, it started with the domain, and then when registering xLog, I chose the ID sino. When the two are combined, it becomes your CloudSino (cloud in English, sino in Latin for China).

Yes, it's like the age-old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg (laughs).

This is related to a strange habit of mine - I use a different nickname for each platform, and maybe even create different personas for each.

So the "me" here is not really me, but also me (who knows).

Alright, let's get a bit more formal:

A high school student from northern China, specializing in liberal arts and Japanese.
Yes, my school follows the Hengshui Model, but I still manage to find some free time (while ensuring I prioritize my studies).
I enjoy tinkering with electronic devices and the internet, although I don't understand the deeper aspects. After all, I struggle with math and science.
I have a passion for humanities and history, and I care about current events and politics. Occasionally, I write about things I imagine.
I'm somewhat of an otaku, although I don't play many games or watch anime. However, I'm well-versed in various internet subcultures and memes. I often listen to Vocaloid songs, but I'm not part of any specific community. In real life and online, I'm quite transparent.
As for programming... well, a long time ago when I was active in certain communities, I self-taught some wiki syntax like MediaWiki and Wikidot, and reluctantly learned some front-end computer networking technologies like HTML and CSS (I never really understood JavaScript ;-( ). In fact, I used to work in a technical/management role.

Finally, some data that may not be useful but someone might care about:
MBTI personality type: INTP-T

  • This thing has turned into something like astrology rather than pseudoscience.
    Ideological test: Social Democracy
  • Not verified, and as a full-time student, I don't have much to express.
    Light Novel author personality: Research-oriented Writer
  • I probably won't be writing novels here.

This Site: - Net`Corner
That's the name I came up with later, and it looks pretty good.

Legally speaking, the history of this website can be traced back to the first blog I built in my first year of junior high, around 2020. But I'm not a university in China, so let's start from the direct predecessor, which originated in mid-2023.

Actually, I've built and rebuilt blog sites several times before, but it was more for the fun of tinkering rather than actual operation. I didn't post much, and the website itself was more of a memento of successful tinkering. Later, I got tired of it and stopped.

As for the current site, it was when I was discussing website building with someone, and they asked me about my site. That's when I remembered that I had once had such a site. It didn't take long to build it again, but this is the first time I've seriously operated a website. As for the later migration to xLog, that's another story.

It seems like I've passed the stage where I can tinker until midnight and find joy in it. Anyway, let's keep it simple. This site will be used to share various things that I think are suitable for posting here. I will definitely take it seriously! (loudly)

I don't know and don't need to write a history book here.
No matter how you found me or what happened before, whether good or bad, this is just CloudSino and their corner of the internet.

All those different versions of "me" that you knew, whether friends or enemies, let's consider them as passing figures in the journey of life, or two ripples that intersected in the vast sea of the internet. The universe is big, life is long, and I just want to fulfill the wish in my subtitle - may my blessings be with you!

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