Website Portal for Cute ICP Filing

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For more specific information, you can refer to the official documentation: Moe ICP Backup - Interdimensional Travel Project Official Announcement - Let's Travel to the Members' Planets on the Moe Station!
Here is a brief introduction:
I believe that all the two-dimensional webmasters present here are familiar with and have implemented the Moe backup system. I also recently learned about a project called Interdimensional Travel - Jump while browsing their forum.

If you want to set it up, you can refer to the documentation above, just insert a link (for example🔽

imageInterdimensional Travel

You can teleport between websites that have registered Moe backup, including your own website.
I placed it at the bottom of the website near the Moe backup number, you can scroll down to see it.

Actually, I have liked browsing the Moe backup navigation page for a long time, looking at the newly registered websites, like opening a new book and starting a new journey; or constantly jumping in the friendly links of various websites, without needing to say anything, just enjoying the feeling of strolling in cyberspace.
It can even serve as a half-friendship link on this site, after all, it has been a long time since I last contacted friends who could exchange links with me.

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