Overview of GalGame Emulators for iOS


The operation referred to in the title of this article refers to running locally on iOS devices through simulators, etc., rather than remotely through computer streaming and other "roundabout" methods.
Here, we will try to provide installation links from the AppStore (most of which are paid) and .ipa file downloads (please install them on your device by yourself).
The AppStore mentioned below refers to the mainland China region, with prices in Chinese Yuan.
The following applications are classified according to the GalGame game engine they run (usually information provided by download resource websites).
PS: Unless absolutely necessary, it is not recommended to directly install .ipa files. Please support genuine products (otherwise, you may find shared accounts on Taobao. Mainly because it's troublesome σ`∀´)


Features: The game folder contains .xp3 and other .xp3 files.
Application: Kirikiroid2 (XP3Player)
IPA file:
AppStore: Search for XP3Player (price is 58¥)
Note: The latest update was three to five years ago, with poor support for newer iOS versions. Personal testing on iOS 17 shows severe crashes.


Features: The game folder contains .nsa, .ns2, .ns3 files.
Application: ONSPlayer
AppStore: Removed from the store
IPA file:
Note: Long-term lack of updates, compatibility may have some issues.

RPGMaker MV#

Features: Most RPG games have www and locales folders in the game folder.
Application: RPGViewer
AppStore: Search directly, price is 28¥
IPA: Not available (actually ONSPlayer can also run, so tinker with it yourself)
Note: Only supports RPGMaker MV engine games, cannot run games from previous versions of RPGMaker engines.


Features: The game folder contains a renpy folder.

Application 1: RenpyReader (RenpyViewer)
Download AppStore 15¥

Application 2: Spark
Download AppStore 48¥

Application 3: RenPyLinter
Download AppStore 28¥

Note: A relatively new engine, with quite a few applications and good support, unfortunately not open source, no official .ipa (you can search for it yourself

Others (console, handheld platforms)#

Delta: Nintendo platform emulator before NDS, now freely available on the AppStore.
PPSSPP: PSP emulator, now freely available on the AppStore
and so on...

【Classic tinkering time is greater than game time】

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