Revive your web version of WeChat

In recent years, the WeChat client has become more and more bloated, not to mention platforms like Linux that don't even have a client. Many light users like us have turned to the small and beautiful WeChat web version, but there are always login issues.

Zhang Xiaolong's 🐎

At this time, you can follow the method below to solve this problem:

First, install this open-source browser extension lqzhgood/wechat-need-web on Github, which supports Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Go to the page, click on the right Releases to find and download the version that corresponds to your device:


Due to the fact that this extension is not available in the plugin market, some browsers may require manual installation.

  • Firefox supports direct download of .xpi files from the webpage for installation, just click Add directly
  • For some Chromium kernel browsers, manual installation is required, the method is as follows:
    1. Download the file, unzip it and save the folder somewhere
    2. Go to the browser extension page and enable Developer mode
    3. Click on Load unpacked extension, find and select the saved folder
    4. Installation is complete

If you still can't log in after installing this extension, please check the following:

  1. Refresh the webpage and clear the browser cache
  2. Turn off the proxy (to make the login address consistent with the usual login location)
  3. Enable necessary browser extension permissions
  4. Make sure your account is not restricted



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