First experience with iCloud domain email

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Preface (optional)#

The email for this domain was previously hosted on Feishu, but due to inconvenience in logging in (requires phone verification and does not support iOS and iPadOS browsers - although it's just a matter of changing the user agent), it was not convenient.

I tried to see if I could host the domain on a few of the main email services I usually use: supports custom domains after subscribing to 365, but since I'm in a family group, only the administrator can set it (the personal version doesn't have this restriction); QQ Mail, these features used to be free, but now they require a membership, and the fees are not low (over 20/month).

In the end, I chose Apple's iCloud as the domain email service, this feature requires a subscription to iCloud+ (both personal and family versions are available, and I am in the family version).

Setup and Usage#

Go to the iCloud backend (using the web version here).

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Click on Custom Email Domain.

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For the family version, select Only Me if you are in a family group.

Screenshot 2024-01-27 17.58.19
Here you can add to transfer the content of the old email. If you are setting up from scratch or do not have this requirement, select None.

Screenshot 2024-01-27 18.01.38
Familiar DNS resolution settings, note that some DNS service providers do not support the trailing symbol, so remove it, it doesn't matter.

Screenshot 2024-01-27 18.04.11
After making the changes, go back for verification, which means the setup is complete.

As for specific usage, it is no different from a regular iCloud email (laughs).

Third-party Client Settings#

This is a relatively unique point. You cannot directly log in to a third-party email client using the custom domain email set in the settings. You need to log in with your iCloud account's primary email and then separately set the sender's address.

  • Incoming Mail Server:
    SSL/TLS: selected
    Port: 993
  • Outgoing Mail Server:
    SSL/TLS: selected
    Port: 587
  • Use App-Specific Password for the password (Apple's documentation explains it clearly).


Each account has 5 domains and each domain has 3 addresses. It may not compare to professional domain email services, but it is convenient, especially for Apple ecosystem users. If you happen to have an iCloud+ subscription, you can give it a try.

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