Patch | Use Microsoft Word to publish WordPress/Typecho blogs.

*XMLPRC Protocol Required

If you are using an older version of Word, please click on Top Bar->File->Share->Publish to Blog


If you are using the latest version of Word, click on Share will pop up a new window (Microsoft Office 365 web service sharing), there is no option to publish to a blog.

At this time, click on Top Bar->File->New->Search "Blog"->Click on this template->Create


At this time, the Blog Post tab will appear in the top bar, and the Register Blog Account pop-up window will appear.


Click on Register Now or Top Bar Blog Post Tab->Manage Account->New, pop up the "New Blog Account" window

Choose WordPress as the blogging provider, click Next (Typecho choose Other)


Fill in your Blog Post URL, Username, and Password (Typecho is similar, API choose MetaWeblog)

Note**: The Blog Post URL format for Typecho is http://.com/action/xmlrpc
And you may need to go to the website backend to enable the XMLPRC interface, (WordPress is enabled by default)

In addition: WordPress users can generate a new application password in Backend Sidebar->Users->Profile (bottom of the page)->Application Password, so you don't have to use the real password (protect privacy, not necessary)


Click OK to continue, you can choose to check the password,

If you store blog images on another server (image bed) or do not want to upload images, please click on Image Options

If everything is normal, a "Account Registration Successful" window will pop up, otherwise please check your website configuration (some security plugins may disable the XMLPRC interface)

At this point, your configuration work is complete, you can directly write new articles, or you can publish existing Word documents to the website (compatibility is acceptable)


The following is a usage guide:

Publish: Choose to publish to the website or publish as a draft

Homepage: Open the website homepage in the browser

Insert Category: Choose the category of the article on the website

Check Existing Articles: Edit articles on the website in Word (including unpublished drafts)

Manage Account: Create, edit, manage defaults, delete blog accounts

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