File Recovery | Cyber Archaeology: 360 System Emergency Disk

360 Rescue Disk System is an emergency boot system installed on a USB drive, with functions such as file recovery, system reinstallation, and emergency internet access. It can boot and repair a computer when Windows fails to start, and it comes with the built-in 360 Rescue Box Rescue Disk Edition.

Official website:, but it is no longer accessible (it seems that the website was closed and updates were discontinued around 2013, with the last version being v1.2.20121).

However, you can still find information about it on the 360 Rescue Box website. In general, it is a PE system/CDlive developed by 360 based on Puppy Linux, adopting the Windows desktop style and integrating some 360 security software and common functions.

The official website provides a rescue disk creation program for the Windows platform (insert the USB drive, format it, and write the system), but it does not provide a separate ISO file. However, a mirror image extracted by an expert can still be found on the internet: (although it has been streamlined to some extent).

When tested with Vmware, it was recognized as Ubuntu Server 14.04.1. After booting, it directly enters the xfce desktop, uses the root user by default, comes with Wine (interestingly, the included 360 Rescue Box software runs through Wine), Firefox browser (version 28, which can basically access some modern web pages), and Chinese input method. The built-in Linux commands are mostly complete, and it imitates the drive letter design of Windows. In addition, it has made considerable optimizations for the computer environment in China at that time. Personally, even without considering its system rescue function, it was still a very good PE system at that time.

If you are curious about how users used it at that time, you can watch this video: 360 Rescue Disk Tutorial.

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