How to enable privacy protection for Alibaba Cloud .cn domain


People often ask me why I am still using this domain name now, I can only say it's a historical legacy issue (used it for too long and too lazy to change).

.CN does have a lot of troubles, lack of privacy protection is one of the most fatal ones, which means others can easily find your name and contact information at any time through other WHOIS services (Alibaba Cloud's WHOIS cleverly hides this information, making people think that personal information has been "default protected").

I didn't bother with this before, one is troublesome, the traffic volume is not much and mostly acquaintances, and secondly, '.cn' domain renewal is 39/year, privacy protection is 39/year, combined it's almost the same as .com.

Getting Started#

Originally .cn and other domain names came with free privacy protection services, but later they were required to be closed by CNNIC. With this year's new regulations, you can pay to enable it, but Alibaba Cloud's domain control panel does not provide a direct activation link, you need to apply for a work order to find it.


Application Link: .CN/.China Domain Name Registration Bureau Privacy Protection Service Activation Application

Cost: 39/year, for specific rules see: Announcement of the charging of privacy protection services for national top-level domains (.CN, .China) on January 1


Complete payment here: Unpaid Order Management
There will be a few days delay, just wait (cannot be processed on non-working days like weekends <- this was not written, I asked in the work order)

After a few days of waiting, you should be able to find your order (as shown below).


After successful payment, the console still does not show relevant settings items, but according to third-party WHOIS queries, privacy protection should take effect immediately.


Renewal? I didn't see any direct introduction to the renewal method in these files, but after inquiring through a work order, it is to repurchase before expiration, and the remaining time can be accumulated.

User agreement that no one will read: National Top-level Domain Privacy Protection Service Agreement (Save data: Don't do illegal things, official interpretation rights reserved).

This thing has completely destroyed the cost-effectiveness of .cn, turning it from a necessity into a difficult-to-purchase luxury item (but to prevent box weapons, it's still worth it!)

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