Bind domestic UnionPay card to Google Play


  • An Android device with Google services installed
  • Stable VPN software
  • A Google account that is not restricted or locked to a specific region
  • A UnionPay credit card or debit card
  • (Possibly) a scanned copy of both sides of your ID card
  • Patience and willingness to wait

Account Region#

Currently, the regions that support UnionPay card payments include Hong Kong, Macau, and some Southeast Asian countries (such as Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, etc.). Although Hong Kong and Macau are high-priced regions, they are also the most stable. Other low-priced regions may have various risks. Therefore, I recommend choosing the Hong Kong region.

You can find the countries or regions that support UnionPay cards on this page:

  1. Select the region.
  2. Click on "Credit card or debit card" below.
  3. If "UnionPay" appears, it means that the region supports UnionPay payments.


Getting Started#

The web version of the Play Store does not support binding UnionPay cards. Some operations need to be done in the Google Play app.

Open your VPN, select a node in the region you want to bind, and enable global proxy.

Go to the Play Store, log in, click on your profile picture, and select "Payment methods":


Under "Payment methods," add a credit card or debit card:


Here, we'll use a debit card from China Merchants Bank as an example (already bound previously):


Enter the card number and the mobile number registered with the bank (remember to include "+86!"). Receive the verification code. In theory, this completes the binding process!

(For credit cards, the process is similar. Just enter the expiration date and security code.

(If you need to enter a Hong Kong address, you can enter any random address.)

Common Issues#

The issuing bank has declined this transaction.

Go to your bank's app or branch and enable overseas payment settings.

Additional verification is required.

(You may also receive an email from Gmail indicating that your account has been restricted. Don't worry, let's see how to resolve it.)

Click on the first image to access the "form" and go to this page: Resolve account payment issues


Follow the process and go to the form. Fill in your identity information, including the previously prepared ID card photos. Note that you need to submit both the front and back sides of the ID card. This is where I made a mistake before (only the portrait side was submitted).

(For mainland Chinese users in the Hong Kong and Macau regions, you can use your ID card, passport, or Hong Kong and Macau pass as valid local identification documents.)


As shown in the images, upload the national emblem side (front) and the portrait side (back) respectively.

Wait for the verification, but it shouldn't take too long (remember to check email notifications).


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