The schedule for these days and the experience after migrating xLog.

After the final exam, I can finally take a rest (although it's only for a few days, haha). The grades are good, so I can have a good year. I recently played around with my old laptop at home and turned it into a small server. I might write a simple introduction about it later. Today, I rewrote the "About Me" and "Links" sections of this website. If you want to know more about me, you can take a look. I think it's a more concise and vivid description. If I have time, I will post something again. After all, there are still many things I want to write and do, waiting for me.

Continuing from "A New Beginning, Hello xLog!" (, the reasons are clear. It's more convenient here, and it saves money. Honestly, I rarely browse xLog's homepage or interact with other bloggers. I haven't participated in any official activities either. My contribution to the community is close to zero (maybe even negative).

For me, this is just a place to post articles online. However, as just a place, it does a really good job. At least for me, it's much simpler and more convenient than WordPress. Although logging in is still inconvenient and some functions are not perfect or missing, it's good enough, so it's fine.

In addition, the biggest impact for me is that the things I write here are automatically displayed on xLog's homepage. On one hand, this has brought me an unexpected wave of traffic. But on the other hand, not all content can be posted on the website. Although the previous website was indexed by major search engines, it was mainly visited by friends who knew my URL.

This has both pros and cons. In a sense, it has forced me to transform and upgrade my website. It has shifted from a basket for venting and complaining, similar to QQ Space, to a regular blog that conforms to stereotypes.

However, it's not something I can't accept. Let it go back to where it belongs. I will work hard in the future!

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