Make-up Exams | Optional Range of College Entrance Examination (2025)

Chinese Language: Basically the same, in some ethnic minority areas, ethnic language and Chinese language are counted together for 150 points (some are counted in foreign languages or listed separately).

Mathematics: In the old college entrance examination areas, there are separate exams for liberal arts mathematics (relatively simple) and science mathematics. In the new college entrance examination areas, there is a unified examination for science mathematics (but relatively simpler than the science mathematics in the old college entrance examination).

Foreign Language: Choose one of English, Russian, Japanese, German, French, and Spanish for the exam, but there may be some restrictions for volunteering for small languages (military academies, English majors, etc.).

Other Sub-subjects:
In the old college entrance examination: liberal arts comprehensive (politics, history, geography) and science comprehensive (physics, chemistry, biology);
In the new college entrance examination:
3+1+2, choose one subject from physics and history, and choose two subjects from chemistry, biology, politics, and geography;
3+3 (choose three out of six), choose three subjects from physics, chemistry, biology, politics, history, and geography;
3+3 (choose three out of seven), Zhejiang special offer - added one more subject "information technology 50 points + general technology 50 points" compared to choosing three out of six.

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